Michelle Stoltenberg
Desplaines, IL

“I would highly recommend Ankle and Foot Specialists. I suffered with a Heel Spur and Plantar Fasciitis. After a period of initial conservative treatment, it was recommended that my best course of care was surgery. Doctors Elipas and Flanagan spent a long time with me explaining the procedure in detail and ensuring that all my questions and concerns were addressed. I received a lot of one on one time from both the Doctors and the staff. I never felt rushed. The staff was extremely helpful and thorough.

On the day of my surgery they made sure that any medications I was going to need after surgery were called into the pharmacy ahead of time. They provided transportation for me to and from the surgery center. I can not tell you how nice it was to know I did not need to worry about those details. I do not know a lot of Doctors that provide these additional services. They made sure that the pre and post surgical details were taken care of. I received follow up calls after my surgery from both the Doctors and the staff. I had Surgery on Friday and I was back to work on Monday.

I am happy to report ten years later, I am still pain free. I can not thank Ankle and Foot Specialists enough for their care.”

Julie Frederick
Alsip, IL

"I had bunions since I was 11 years old and really needed to find a doctor that could help me. I was referred to Ankle & Foot Specialists by my roommate.

In July of 2004 I had to have surgery on my left foot. I had an Achilles tendon lengthening; they created an arch and performed tarsal tunnel decompression and a bunionectomy. In January of 2005 I had to have the same procedures on my right foot. I had very little pain and swelling after my surgeries and I am very satisfied with my recovery.

As a patient, it is so nice to go to a doctor’s office and feel so comfortable. When I call the office and tell them it’s Ms. Fredrick the staff replies “oh hi Julie.” They really know their patients on a first name basis. It’s almost like a party when you go in. Everyone is extremely helpful and friendly. Doctors Elipas and Flanagan spend a lot of one on one time with their patients. They really care."


Fred Madrid 
Wood Dale, IL

“I was having pain in my ankles for a while and was referred to Ankle & Foot Specialists by my primary care doctor. When I went into the office for my initial exam, I was treated like gold. Dr. Elipas was very polite and genuinely concerned about the pain I was in. I had an MRI and it was clear I was going to need surgery. The Doctor and the staff were very good at explaining everything to me and answering all of my questions regarding the procedure I was going to have.

The staff made sure my medications were called in prior to my surgery. I was relieved that I didn’t need to worry about those details on the day of my surgery.

I was told my recovery would take about twelve weeks. I am now about a month into my recovery and I am very satisfied with the recovery process. I am in less pain than I thought.

I am very pleased to be treated by people who are competent and know what they are doing. The staff really has their act together.”