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Corns and calluses are both made of thickened skin, but they develop on different parts of your foot and have unique characteristics. Both skin growths are inconvenient and often painful, which is why professional treatment is the best solution. At Ankle & Foot Specialists in Chicago, Illinois, foot care experts James Elipas, DPM, and John Flanagan, DPM, remove your corns and calluses and show you how to permanently discourage their regrowth. Call the Norwood Park office or use the online appointment tool to book your visit today.

Corns & Calluses

What do corns and calluses look like?

Corns and calluses are thick, tough areas of skin that develop in response to friction and pressure. When your skin repeatedly rubs against your shoe or you constantly pressure the skin in any way, a corn or callus may appear. But, they look quite different.


Corns usually appear on the top of your foot, on your toes. They’re thick, generally round, and usually fairly small. Corns often have a hard center, but soft corns can develop between your toes. Corns usually develop when your toes constantly rub against the top of your shoe, so tight shoes are a common culprit.


Calluses cover more skin surface than corns and usually develop on the bottom of your feet. Calluses aren’t as deep and are often softer than corns. Calluses can develop when you put too much pressure on a certain part of your foot. For example, high heels pressure the balls of your feet and can lead to calluses there.

When corns and calluses grow too thick, they can become quite painful. It’s important to treat them in the early stages, as both can grow fast if unchecked.

Can I safely remove corns and calluses at home?

Treating corns and calluses at home is very risky. Some over-the-counter remedies work by burning your skin, and it’s very easy to accidentally burn away healthy skin while trying to remove the corn or callus. 

It’s even more dangerous to attempt removal at home. Do-it-yourself surgery with a razor blade, scissors, or knife often ends in excessive skin removal, bleeding, and infection. Don’t take these risks, especially since Ankle & Foot Specialists offers safe, fast, and effective professional removal. 

What is the best corn and callus treatment?

Ankle & Foot Specialists may recommend conservative measures like moleskin padding to relieve friction and pressure on your feet if you have mild corns and calluses. If you have bigger corns and calluses, you may need surgical reduction. The expert podiatrists use a thin surgical blade to remove the dead skin without affecting your healthy skin below it. 

Part of corn and callus treatment is prevention. The podiatry team may recommend footwear changes, custom orthotics, or regular gel pad wear to keep your feet safe.

For specialized corn and callus treatment, call Ankle & Foot Specialists or book an appointment online today.